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Denis Linehan & Mark Boyle
Annual Meeting of the Geographical Association of Ireland
Infrastructural States
Chair Sessions at Symposia
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At the same time that infrastructural developments are mired in controversy, the infrastructural turn across the humanities and social science has animated and encompassed a huge array of social and material forms as infrastructure. This session bring together research at the convergence of these events to offer new readings of vibrant matters such as water metering, flood defense,electricity transmission lines, bus services, wind turbines, hospital and housing provision, pipelines or broadband networks. The session proposes that the manner in which these issues are produced reveal complex infrastructural states, which speak to tensions at the intersection of the body, place, technology and the social. Simultaneously they represent the edge of contemporary transformation, often meshing places and communities with processes related to financialization, austerity, enclosure, environmental regulation, privatization, amongst others, playing out at multiple and overlapping scales. To disentangle and disrupt the geographies entailed, the session seeks papers which:(a) address how infrastructures in different places can become spaces of negotiation, tension and resistance. (b) confront the impacts of the multiple and hybrid forms that infrastructural development take; (c) critically evaluate the ways infrastructures are imagined and engaged with and by different publics. (d) attend to a critical disruption of diverse infrastructure geographies, and situate infrastructure in wider circuits of knowledge power and social change. (f) observe, map or re-represent the infrastructural interface with ecology, place, locality and landscape.