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Cliona O'Carroll
Stories From the Sea
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maritime folklore sea narrative
Sea-themed cultural event as part of Songs from a Safe Harbour arts festival.
Stories from the Sea brings together a collection of artists & pioneers whose imagination and practice has been inspired by the power of the sea. Drawing on ancient myth, folklore and creative spirit this seafaring voyage charts how the sea has shaped our cultural psyche as islanders situated on the edge of Europe and the great beyond. Stories from the Sea features conversations, reading, film and live music from a host of Irish and Icelandic explorers, all influenced by the pull of the deep, including Padraig Ó Duinnín (Meitheal Mara), Dr Clíona O’Carroll (Folklore UCC), Linda Buckley (Composer & Musician), Roisin Coyle (Multi-discipline Artist), Theo Dorgan (Poet & Author), Will Collins (Writer Song of the Sea) & Jófríður Ákadóttir (Musician).
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