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Day, Mary Rose and McCarthy, Joan
2017 September
Self-Neglect in Older Adults
A Self-Neglecting Case Dilemma: Applying an Ethical Decision-Making Tool
Springer Publishing Company
New York, United States
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ethics, self-neglect
Globally, self-neglect is recognized as a serious and complex public health issue. Self-neglect can vary in presentation and severity and is mainly characterized by profound environmental neglect and cumulative diverse behaviors that may threaten a personís ability to live safely and independently in the community. Supporting people who self-neglect can give rise to significant ethical, professional, and personal challenges. The purpose of this chapter is to examine ethical decision making pertaining to selfneglect. An ethical decision-making tool is described and applied to a case example of self-neglect. The tool provides a step-by-step framework of actions and responsibilities to critically reflect on and respond to an ethically challenging self-neglecting individual. The tool highlights the key components of the ethical decision-making process and may contribute to building ethical capacity and confidence among health and social care professionals. Ethical frameworks have the potential to improve care and outcomes for self-neglecting clients.
Mary Rose Day, Geraldine McCarthy, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick
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