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A. Blavette and T. Kovaltchouk and F. Rongere and M. Jourdain de Thieulloy and P. Leahy and B. Multon and H. Ben Ahmed
12th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference
Influence of the Wave Dispersion Phenomenon on the Flicker Generated by a Wave Farm
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Power quality; grid integration; marine renewable energy; power systems simulation; wave energy conversion
The inherently fluctuating nature of waves may be reflected to some extent in the power output of wave energy converters (WECs). These fluctuations can induce voltage fluctuations which can potentially generate flicker. Hence, wave farm managers will be required to demonstrate that their farm is compliant with grid codes and similar regulations, in order to be granted grid connection. This is usually performed through grid impact assessment studies by means of numerical power system simulators. However, in many studies, the electrical power output of a wave farm is calculated as the sum of identical power profiles corresponding to a single WEC, each shifted by a random time delay. Hence, this approach does not take into account the wave dispersion phenomenon. A comparative study was performed, and is presented in this paper, for assessing the validity of neglecting the influence of this phenomenon on flicker. This study is expected to contribute in defining the required level of hydrodynamic detail necessary for simulating the output power of a wave farm when it is to be used for flicker analyses.
French National Agency of Research (ANR)
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