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R Reimer, O Marchuk, B Geiger, P J Mc Carthy, M Dunne, J Hobirk, R Wolf, ASDEX Upgrade Team
Review of Scientific Instruments
Influence of non-local thermodynamic equilibrium and Zeeman effects on magnetic equilibrium reconstruction using spectral motional Stark effect diagnostic
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Stark effect Thermodynamics Zeeman effect
The Motional Stark Effect (MSE) diagnostic is a well established technique to infer the local internal magnetic field in fusion plasmas. In this paper, the existing forward model which describes the MSE data is extended by the Zeeman effect, fine-structure, and relativistic corrections in the interpretation of the MSE spectra for different experimental conditions at the tokamak ASDEX Upgrade. The contribution of the non-Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium (non-LTE) populations among the mag- netic sub-levels and the Zeeman effect on the derived plasma parameters is different. The obtained pitch angle is changed by 3
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