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Vincent, C., Mangin, M., Bryère, P., Serra, R., Sicard, P., Lesne, O., Scarrott, R., Dunne, D., Gault, J., Lecouffe, C., Rougier, A., Jarry, E., Morales, J., Moreno, O., Duque Perea, R., Jimenex, C., Martinez, I., Gaspar, M., Rufino, M., Santos, A.M., Garrido, S., Bugalho, L., Marques, V.
Living Planet Symposium
Making use of the latest Earth Observation datasets from Copernicus Programme - the SAFI EU-FP7 project
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Aquaculture, Earth Observation, Fisheries, FP7, Decision support
The EU-FP7 funded project SAFI (“Supporting our Aquaculture and Fisheries Industries”, is primary focused on the exploitation of Earth Observation (EO) data resources, is specifically targeting the support of fisheries and aquaculture industries in our ocean and near-shore areas. The initiative aims at providing information assistance for marine aquaculture deployment (optimization of cage location with respect to environmental and ecological context) and environmental monitoring during operations. It also targets supporting fisheries providing informative indicator products developed through exploitation of Ocean Colour and Sea Surface Temperature data to derive correlations between the environmental situation and the biological status (maturation stage, recruitment and abundance rates) of the fish and shellfish studied. Developed in close collaboration with key stakeholders in the aquaculture and fishery sectors, the SAFI project proposes synthetic indicators for the species of critical importance to regional fisheries and aquaculture sectors.
European Union
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European Framework Programme Seven (FP7)
This work was made possible by the financial support of the European Commission, in the frame of the Seventh Framework Programme (grant N°607155).