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James Kapalo, Jenny Butler and Chris Heinhold
Religion, Myth and Migration
Sixth Annual Conference of the Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions
Waterford Institute of Technology
Conference Organising Committee Member
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We are pleased to invite scholars to take part in the sixth annual conference of the Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions (ISASR), themed ‘Religion, Myth and Migration’. Religious traditions often draw on powerful myths which make sense of their cosmological, as well as their historical, social and geo-political position. These myths frequently involve migration, from the biblical Exodus to the Islamic Hegira, to various migratory foundation narratives in new religious movements. As religions travel, so do myths, with new forms being created over time. The physical migration of peoples means that their religions travel with them to new geographical and cultural milieus and now, in a globalised world, knowledge is transmitted and ‘migrates’ in ways that are tied in with rapid advancements in technology and information exchanges. With President Donald Trump’s recent ban on Muslim migration, the challenges of Brexit, and movement of refugees and economic migrants around the world, the religious landscapes are swiftly changing. Conceptualising ‘myth’ and ‘migration’ in the broadest sense, conference participants will discuss, reflect upon and explore these themes in relation to changing religious landscapes and the Society invites papers and contributions on areas such as: ◾Migration of religions and associated myths ◾Myths of religious migration and foundation myths ◾Folk religion, folklore and migrant legends ◾Migration of peoples, cultures and religious change ◾Imaginaries/imaginaires of religious migration (cultural fears, racist agendas and religions) ◾Myths within religions ◾Migration of religious ideas