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Lambert, S. & Lynch O.
6th National Child Protection and Welfare Social Work Conference: Future Directions for Child Protection and Welfare: Where to and Why?
Children from Conflict Zones of Syria and Iraq: The Case for Trauma Informed Practice
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Refugees. Trauma Informed Care
University College COrk
This paper is concerned with children returning to Europe having either been born or travelled to ISIS held territories in Syria/Iraq. It is also concerned with non-European children travelling from ISIS territory to Europe as a result of forced displacement. In conflict zones children are particularly vulnerable both due to the violence they witness/participate in, but also due to the fact that their normal social, moral, emotional and cognitive development is interrupted and corrupted by the experience of war. In addition in the aftermath of the conflict these children are at risk of exposure to additional trauma due to the experience of (forced) migration and the resettlement process. It has been well documented that exposure to multiple and repeat traumas represents a significant risk to children’s development and overall functioning and increases risk of physical and mental disorders in the future. Trauma awareness must be a key skill imparted to all individuals working with returnee children in the form of trauma informed practice. The ability to recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma is essential in correctly interpreting the behaviour of the children. The process of trauma informed care will be discussed.
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.20771.35362
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