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Preciado A;Del Río J;Lynch CD;Castillo-Oyagüe R;
Journal of Dentistry
Impact of various screwed implant prostheses on oral health-related quality of life as measured with the QoLIP-10 and OHIP-14 scales: a cross-sectional study.
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This study aimed to validate the Quality of Life with Implant-Prostheses (QoLIP-10) questionnaire for assessing the impact of screwed implant-supported rehabilitations on oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL). 131 patients wearing screw-retained implant restorations were assigned to the following groups: Group 1 (HP; n=50): fixed-detachable hybrid prostheses (control), Group 2 (S-PD; n=43): metal-ceramic screwed partial dentures, and Group 3 (S-CD; n=38): metal-ceramic screwed complete dentures. Impacts on OHRQoL were evaluated using the QoLIP-10 and Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP-14sp) scales. Data on global oral satisfaction, socio-demographics, health-behaviours, and prosthetics were gathered. Reliability and validity of the QoLIP-10 were investigated for screwed prosthesis wearers. The Spearman's rank test was applied to determine the correlation between both indices. Descriptive and non-parametric probes were run to evaluate the influence of the study variables on OHRQoL. The QoLIP-10 confirmed its psychometric capacity for screwed prosthesis wearers. Both tests were inversely correlated. HP wearers reported the worst dental-facial aesthetics, performance, and functional limitation outcomes. Gender, education level, complaints about the mouth, perception of treatment needs, and prosthetic status modulated the OHRQoL. Screwed implants restorations provide better OHRQoL than do fixed-detachable hybrid prostheses.
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