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Egerton, Sian; Culloty, Sarah; Whooley, Jason; Stanton, Catherine; Ross, R. Paul
Food Chemistry
Characterization of protein hydrolysates from blue whiting (Micromesistius poutassou) and their application in beverage fortification
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Fish protein hydrolysates Health ingredients Functional properties Amino acids Anti-oxidant
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Enzymatic hydrolysis of fish proteins has been employed as a principle method for converting under-utilised fish into valuable products for the pharmaceutical and health food industries. In this study, six commercial enzymes were tested for their ability to make fish protein hydrolysate powders from whole blue whiting. The chemical and functional properties of these powders were compared. The powders all had high solubility (>80%) across a wide pH range in water and their solubility improved further within a vitamin-tea beverage matrix (>85%). Varying degrees of anti-oxidant activities were recorded for the powders using three model systems (DPPH, ferrous chelating and reducing power). This study demonstrates that commercial enzymes are useful for the extraction and alteration of fish protein from a low value source to produce highly digestible, low molecular weight peptide powders that could be used as a fortifying health ingredient, especially in beverages.
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Irish Research Council