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Eimear Tuohy, Sebastien Clerc, Rory Scarrott, Marc Shorten, Micheal Aspetsberger, Mihai Datcu, Stephane Pierotti, Jerome Gasperi, Stephano Vignudelli, Diomede Illuzz.
Irish Earth Observation Symposium 2015
Disseminating information on cloud processing for EO data
NUIG Galway
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As the diversity and complexity of EO data available continues to increase, the need for efficient data access, information extraction, data management and high spec processing tools are key issues within today’s scientific world. The ESA funded group of Thematic Exploitation Platform (TEP) projects, aim to move the processing of data to the data source using cloud technology. This will mitigate common, and often frustrating, issues experienced by EO researchers surrounding data sourcing and data storage. Additionally they shall provide professional networking opportunities, whilst facilitate dissemination of research results and algorithm development methodologies within the scientific community. The Coastal-TEP (C-TEP) is a data access and processing service dedicated to improving the efficiency of data-intensive research into our dynamic coastal areas. C-TEP, which is currently in development stage, shall provide a gateway to extract coastal information held in EO data. Through close consultation with experts within the fields of EO science, service development, service provision and coastal marine research, the key needs of the community are being identified. This shall ensure that C-TEP is being developed and tailored to provide cutting-edge computing tools and services which meet the scientific coastal community’s needs. This gateway is being built to support our maritime management and R & D sectors through enhancing our capacity for online computing of satellite derived data. Providing access to an extensive archive of over 20 years of EO data, near-real-time (NRT) satellite data streams, in-situ measurements, and the tools necessary to process and extract information from said data. C-TEP shall not only enhance data accessibility but also enhance access to processing frameworks and metadata for non EO experts thus promoting collaborative working relationships between the various maritime and coastal sectors. The final product will provide long term analysis and monitoring capabilities applicable within a wide range of coastal studies.