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O’Callaghan, James; Loi, Ruggero; Mura, Enrica E.; Roycroft, Brendan; Trindade, Antonio J.; Thomas, Kevin; Gocalinska, Agnieszka; Pelucchi, Emanuele; Zhang, J.; Roelkens, G.; Bower, Chris A.; Corbett, Brian
Optical Materials Express
Comparison of InGaAs and InAlAs sacrificial layers for release of InP-based devices
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Integrated optics materials Subsystem integration and techniques
Heterogeneous integration of InP devices to Si substrates by adhesive-less micro transfer printing requires flat surfaces for optimum attachment and thermal sinking. InGaAs and InAlAs sacrificial layers are compared for the selective undercut of InP coupons by FeCl3:H2O (1:2). InAlAs offers isotropic etches and superior selectivity (> 4,000) to InP when compared with InGaAs. A 500 nm thick InAlAs sacrificial layer allows the release of wide coupons with a surface roughness < 2 nm and a flatness < 20 nm. The InAlAs release technology is applied to the transfer printing of a pre-fabricated InP laser to a Si substrate.
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