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Neil O’Donnell, Ruslan I. Dmitriev
2017 Unknown
Multi-Parametric Live Cell Microscopy of 3D Tissue Models
Three-Dimensional Tissue Models and Available Probes for Multi-Parametric Live Cell Microscopy: A Brief Overview
Springer International Publishing AG 2017
springer, Cham
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3D tissue model, FLIM, Live cell microscopy, Metabolism, PLIM
In recent years, the advances in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine have resulted in introduction of novel 3D tissue models, materials and methods to the regular practice of cell biologists, material scientists and specialists from related areas. 3D tissue models allow mimicking in vivo cell and tissue organization. However, the efficient work in three dimensions has significant challenges, such as compatibility with conventional cell biology methods, live cell imaging and quantification readouts. Here, we briefly discuss the applicability of 3D tissue models to different live cell microscopy modalities and the available range of fluo- and phosphorescent probes and sensors allowing for multi-parametric imaging.
Dr. R. Dmitriev
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Science Foundation Ireland