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Vallejo-Giraldo, C.; Pampaloni, N. O.; Pallipurath, A. R.; Mokarian-Tabari, P.; O’Connell, J.; Holmes, J. D.; Trotier, A.; Krukiewicz, K.; Orpella-Aceret, G.; Pugliese, E.; Ballerini, L.; Kilcoyne, M.; Dowd, E.; Quinlan, L. R.; Pandit, A.; Kavanagh, P.; Biggs, M. J. P.
Advanced Functional Materials
Preparation of cytocompatible ITO neuroelectrodes with enhanced electrochemical characteristics using a facile anodic oxidation process
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Physicochemical modification of implantable electrode systems is recognized as a viable strategy to enhance tissue/electrode integration and electrode performance in situ. In this work, a bench-top electrochemical process to formulate anodized indium tin oxide (ITO) films with altered roughness, conducting profiles, and thickness is explored. In addition, the influence of these anodized films on neural cell adhesion, proliferation, and function indicates that anodized ITO film cytocompatibility can be altered by varying the anodization current density. Furthermore, ITO-anodized films formed with a current density of 0.4 mA cm−2 show important primary neural cell survival, modulation of glial scar formation, and promotion of neural network activity.
Weinheim, Germany
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