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Manning, H. G.; Biswas, S.; Holmes, J. D.; Boland, J. J.
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces
Nonpolar resistive switching in Ag@TiO2 core-shell nanowires
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Nonpolar resistive switching (RS), a combination of bipolar and unipolar RS, is demonstrated for the first time in a single nanowire (NW) system. Exploiting Ag@TiO2 core–shell (CS) NWs synthesized by post growth shell formation, the switching mode is controlled by adjusting the current compliance effectively, tailoring the electrical polarity response. We demonstrate ON/OFF ratios of 105 and 107 for bipolar and unipolar modes, respectively. In the bipolar regime, retention times could be controlled up to 103 s, and in the unipolar mode, >106 s was recorded. We show how the unique dual-mode switching behavior is enabled by the defect-rich polycrystalline material structure of the TiO2 shell and the interaction between the Ag core and the Ag electrodes. These results provide a foundation for engineering nonpolar RS behaviors for memory storage and neuromorphic applications in CSNW structures.
Washington, DC, USA
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