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Maurice G. O'Sullivan
A Handbook for Sensory and Consumer Driven New Product Development: Innovative Technologies for the Food and Beverage Industry.
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Sensory, consumer, handbook
A Handbook for Sensory and Consumer Driven New Product Development was published by Elsevier Woodhead, one of the world’s leading scientific publishing houses, at the end of September 2016. This book appeals to the wider food science community within the University sector as well as externally to new food and beverage product development researchers working in large corporations, SME’s (micro, small or medium sized enterprises) as well as being accessible to the novice starting up their own business, the postgraduate student or undergraduate student or even the lay person. As the book supports cost effective innovation and product development it will also be of interest to the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine because of its designed support of the SME sector. SMEs are a very important part of the EU economy, as they represent around 99 % of all enterprises. The book discusses traditional approaches, but the emphasis is on the more innovative technologies which are less expensive than these and can be quick and effective in assisting products to market. This book will appeal to all those interested in learning more about consumer-led product development. Sensory testing is critical for new product development/optimization, ingredient substitution and devising appropriate packaging and shelf life as well as comparing foods or beverages to competitor’s products.
United Kingdom.
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