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Lynn, Theo; Liang, Xiaoning; Gourinovitch, Anna; Morrison, John P; Fox, Grace; Rosati, Pierangelo
51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-51)
Understanding the determinants of cloud computing adoption for high performance computing
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Diffusions Impacts Adoption and usage ICT Society Cloud computing adoption High performance computing HPC HOT-fit TOE
Within the complex context of high performance computing (HPC), the factors influencing technology adoption decisions remain largely unexplored. This study extends Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) and Human-Organization-Technology fit (HOT-fit) theories into an integrated model, to explore the impact of ten factors on cloud computing adoption decisions in the HPC context. The results suggest that adopters and non-adopters have different perceptions of the indirect benefits, adequacy of resources, top management support, and compatibility of adopting cloud computing for HPC. In addition, perceptions of the indirect benefits and HPC competences can be used to predict the cloud computing adoption decision for HPC. This is one of the first studies in the information systems (IS) literature exploring the factors impacting the cloud computing adoption decision in the important context of HPC. It integrates two influential technology adoption theories and enhances understanding of the key factors influencing organizationsí cloud computing adoption decisions in this context.
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