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Genc, Begum; Siala, Mohamed; Simonin, Gilles; O’Sullivan, Barry;
Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-17)
Finding Robust Solutions to Stable Marriage
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Constraints Satisfiability Knowledge representation Reasoning and logic Preferences Combinatorial heuristic search Heuristic search Agent-based systems Multi-agent systems Social choice theory
Sierra, Carles
Melbourne, Australia
We study the notion of robustness in stable matching problems. We first define robustness by introducing (a,b)-supermatches. An (a,b)-supermatch is a stable matching in which if a pairs break up it is possible to find another stable matching by changing the partners of those a pairs and at most b other pairs. In this context, we define the most robust stable matching as a (1,b)-supermatch where b is minimum. We show that checking whether a given stable matching is a (1,b)-supermatch can be done in polynomial time. Next, we use this procedure to design a constraint programming model, a local search approach, and a genetic algorithm to find the most robust stable matching. Our empirical evaluation on large instances show that local search outperforms the other approaches.
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