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Supple, B; Agbenyega, J.
International Journal of Whole Schooling
Developing the Understanding and Practice of Inclusion in Higher Education for International Students with Disabilities/Additional Needs: A Whole Schooling Approach
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inclusion universal design for learning higher education
In this paper we present research on inclusion in higher education using a whole schooling philosophy. We seek insight into the perspectives of international students with disabilities/additional needs, three of whom from this particular research group are from nonEnglish speaking backgrounds and attending the same university in Melbourne, Australia. In this paper we used voice relational methodology to analyse these studentsí experiences of inclusive practice. These experiences provide the basis for our discussion of fundamental differences among various kinds of inclusive practice and cultures, resulting in a typology including support systems and experiences from staff and disability liaison personnel. In doing so, we aim to inform policy and models for best practice to maximise the educational experiences of international students with disabilities and additional needs, and indeed, of all students. Finally, we discuss the implications of the findings for lecturers, teachers, support staff and policy makers in implementing strategic and successful inclusion for international students with a disability/additional needs in a higher education context.
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