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Daud, Alaa,Gray, Gordon,Lynch, Christopher D.,Wilson, Nairn H. F.,Blum, Igor R.
Journal of Dentistry
A randomised controlled study on the use of finishing and polishing systems on different resin composites using 3D contact optical profilometry and scanning electron microscopy
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Resin composite Polishing systems Surface roughness
Abstract: Objectives The aim of this study was to evaluate theeffects of different finishing and polishing techniques on the surface roughness of microhybrid and nanofilled resin composites. Methods The resin composites included were Filtek Z250 (a universal microhybrid resin composite) and Filtek Supreme XTE (a universal nanofill resin composite). Ninety cylindrical-shaped specimens were prepared for each composite resin material. The polishing methods used included tungsten carbide bur (TC); diamond bur (Db); Sof-Lex discs (S); Enhance PoGo discs (PG); TC+S; Db+S; TC+PG; Db+PG. Polymerisation against a Mylar strip without finishing and polishing acted as the control group. Surface roughness was measured using a 3D contact optical profilometer and surface morphology was examined by scanning electron microscope examination. Results: The results showed that the Mylar-formed surfaces were smoothest for both composites. Finishing with the 20m diamond finishing bur caused significantly greater surface irregularity (P<0.0001) and damage than finishing with the tungsten carbide finishing bur. The Enhance PoGo polishing system produced smoother surfaces than the Sof-Lex disc polishing system; this difference was statistically highly significant (P<0.0001). Conclusion For both composites, the Mylar-formed surfaces were smoothest. Where indicated clinically, finishing is better conducted using a tungsten carbide bur- rather than a diamond finishing bur. The Enhance PoGo system was found to produce a smoother surface finish than the Sof-Lex system. Clinical Significance If finishing and polishing is required the use a tungsten carbide finishing bur followed by Enhance PoGo polishing may be found to result in the smoothest surface finish.
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