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JA Elliott, CF Murphy, NG Docherty, SL Doyle, AL Gallardo, C Gahan, S Joyce, N Ravi, JV Reynolds, CW le Roux
International Journal of Surgery
Pathophysiologic Gut Hormone and Bile Acid Signalling After Oesophagectomy: Implications for Appetite, Postprandial Hypoglycaemia and Nutritional Status in Survivorship
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To study the pathophysiology of altered appetite, weight loss and postprandial hypoglycaemia after oesophagectomy. Method: Twelve consecutive patients undergoing oesophagectomy were studied preoperatively and at 10 days, 6, 12, 52 weeks postoperatively. Plasma glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), BA profile, insulin and glucose responses to a 400kcal mixed-meal stimulus were determined. CT-body composition and anthropometry were assessed, and EORTC HR-QL symptom scores computed. Result: At one year, 16.7% of patients exhibited postprandial hypoglycaemia, associated with weight loss (17.13.2%; P< 0.001), lean body mass loss (-4.00.9 kg, P= 0.003) and reduced insulin resistance (HOMA-IR,-0.300.09, P= 0.008). Postprandial insulin increased progressively at 10 days, 6, 12 and 52 weeks