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Färber, Beatrix
Narrative of a residence in Ireland during the Summer of 1814, and that of 1815
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Anne Plumptre, Travel Literature, Ireland, 18th century, independent travellers, women travellers, geology, mineralogy, science
Anne Plumptre (1760–1818) was an English writer and translator from Norwich. Her father was prebendary of Norwich and president of Queen's College, Cambridge. She and her sister were very well educated and became members of a literary circle around William Enfield. Anne wrote various novels and translated plays and tales from German to English. She spent three years (1802–1805) in Napoleonic France where she showed sympathies with Napoleon's government, publishing an account of her residence in France in 1810. She also translated travel literature from German and French before travelling to Ireland. Her narrative about Ireland shows the abiding interest in geology and mineralogy of a well-connected, mature and self-assured personality who was au fait with the literature of the day. Anne died in Norwich in November 1818. Her Narrative was first published in London in 1817.
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