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Färber, Beatrix; Küttner, Carl Gottlob
Briefe aus Irland nach Sachsen
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Carl Gottlob Küttner, German, Letters, Correspondence, Ireland, Earls of Tyrone, Curraghmore, Co. Waterford, Dublin, 1783, 1784, 1785, New Geneva, Duncannon, Enlightenment, Leipzig, Saxony, Christian Gottlieb Schenk, Irish cultural history, Irish theatre, travelling tutor, Irish customs, poverty, economy, food and drink, agriculture, settlements, Irish language, Irish literature, Ossianic poems, Charles Vallancey, Phoenician
Carl Gottlob Küttner (1755-1805) was a German travelling tutor in Switzerland, England and Ireland, who was also successful as travel writer and independent scholar. He came from Wiedemar in the Electorate of Saxony, studied languages in Leipzig, and in 1776 got his first appointment as travelling tutor with the Burckhardt family in Basle. In 1783 he took up employment with George de la Poer Beresford (1735–1800), second Earl of Tyrone, one of the richest landowners in the country, tutoring his son. He eventually stayed for nine years with the Beresfords, accompanying his charges to France and Holland. in 1787/88 and in summer 1791, and to Holland in Winter 1790/91. Returning to Leipzig, the literary and cultural centre of the Electorate of Saxony (Kursachsen), around 1793, he received a pension from them, and later travelled with them again. Later he published and translated a number of literary works and books on travel, from French and English. The notes on which they were based he had taken while travelling with his charges. He wrote for Leipzig literary magazines and collaborated on a dictionary with William Nicholson. He died in 1805 shortly before his fiftieth birthday. These letters were written in the summers of 1783, 1784, and the following winter. They were first published at the Leipzig Book Fair in 1785 by the recipient of the letters, Christian Gottlieb Schenk. An English translation is in preparation.
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