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windle, James
Law, Crime and History
Ominous parallels and optimistic differences: Opium in China and Afghanistan
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This paper compares two of history's largest producers of opium-Afghanistan (2000-11) and China (1917-35)-to suggest that in both cases production was facilitated by:(1) A lack of central control over the national territory;(2) The existence of local power-holders;(3) Internal violent conflict;(4) The existence of a significant domestic opium consuming population. The initial analysis is extended by introducing a successful opium production suppression intervention, The People's Republic of China (1950s/1960s), to suggest that the control of opium in contemporary Afghanistan requires the Government to:(1) Extend the state into isolated and hostile areas;(2) Facilitate a sense of self-interest in the Afghan Government and political elite towards opium suppression;(3) Facilitate a perception that suppression benefits opium farmers;(4) Strengthen the capacity to monitor opium farmers and enforce
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