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Windle, James
2012 Unknown
European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice
Afghanistan, Narcotics and the International Criminal Court: From Port of Spain to Kabul, via Rome
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In 1989 Trinidad and Tobago approached the UN General Assembly to re-open discussion on the establishment of an international narcotics court. The proposal was born of a frustration with the inability of less developed states to investigate and prosecute international drug traffickers, and a perceived lack of cooperation between national law enforcement and judicial agencies.'The proposal provided the impetus to a process which resulted in the formation of the International Criminal Court (henceforth Court or ICC). After a decade of negotiations, the Rome Statute of the ICC included the following crimes under the Court's jurisdiction: crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes and crimes of aggression. Narcotic trafficking was excluded from the Statute. In 2009, Trinidad and Tobago again lobbied for the inclusion of narcotics trafficking under Articles
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