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Shin, B,Weber, JR,Long, RD,Hurley, PK,Van de Walle, CG,McIntyre, PC;
Applied Physics Letters
Origin and passivation of fixed charge in atomic layer deposited aluminum oxide gate insulators on chemically treated InGaAs substrates
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aluminium compounds atomic layer deposition crystal defects dangling bonds gallium arsenide hydrogenation III-V semiconductors indium compounds passivation substrates TOTAL-ENERGY CALCULATIONS AUGMENTED-WAVE METHOD BASIS-SET AL2O3 DEFECTS SILICON STACKS FILMS
We report experimental and theoretical studies of defects producing fixed charge within Al2O3 layers grown by atomic layer deposition (ALD) on In0.53Ga0.47As(001) substrates and the effects of hydrogen passivation of these defects. Capacitance-voltage measurements of Pt/ALD-Al2O3/n-In0.53Ga0.47As suggested the presence of positive bulk fixed charge and negative interfacial fixed charge within ALD-Al2O3. We identified oxygen and aluminum dangling bonds (DBs) as the origin of the fixed charge. First-principles calculations predicted possible passivation of both O and Al DBs, which would neutralize fixed charge, and this prediction was confirmed experimentally; postmetallization forming gas anneal removed most of the fixed charge in ALD-Al2O3.
ARTN 152908
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