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Zarris, G,Hugues-Salas, E,Gonzalez, NA,Weerasuriya, R,Parmigiani, F,Hillerkuss, D,Vorreau, P,Spyropoulou, M,Ibrahim, SK,Ellis, AD,Morais, R,Monteiro, P,Petropoulos, P,Richardson, DJ,Tomkos, I,Leuthold, J,Simeonidou, D;
Journal of Lightwave Technology
Field Experiments With a Grooming Switch for OTDM Meshed Networking
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Optical communication synchronization optical signal processing time-division multiplexing ultrafast optics DIGITAL OPTICAL REGENERATOR MODULATION FORMATS CLOCK RECOVERY WDM INTERCONNECTION TRANSMISSION WAVELENGTH CORE OFDM
Field experiments of 42.7/128.1 Gb/s wavelength-division multiplexed, optical time-division multiplexed (WDM-OTDM) transmultiplexing and all-optical dual-wavelength regeneration at the OTDM rate are presented in this paper. By using the asynchronous retiming scheme, we achieve error-free bufferless data grooming with time-slot interchange capability for OTDM meshed networking. We demonstrate excellent performance from the system, discuss scalability, applicability, and the potential reach of the asynchronous retiming scheme for transparent OTDM-domain interconnection.
DOI 10.1109/JLT.2009.2034121
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