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Afanas'ev, VV,Stesmans, A,Cherkaoui, K,Hurley, PK;
Applied Physics Letters
Electron energy band alignment at the (100)Si/MgO interface
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amorphous state annealing conduction bands crystallisation elemental semiconductors energy gap interface states magnesium compounds photoemission silicon valence bands INTERNAL PHOTOEMISSION FILMS MGO STABILITY OXIDES
The electron energy band diagram at the (100)Si/MgO interface is characterized using internal photoemission of electrons and holes from Si into the oxide. For the as-deposited amorphous MgO the interface barriers correspond to a band gap width of 6.1 eV, i.e., much lower than the conventionally assumed bulk crystal value (7.83 eV). The annealing-induced crystallization of MgO mostly affects the energy of the valence band while the conduction band bottom retains its energy position at 3.37 +/- 0.05 eV above the top of the silicon valence band.
ARTN 052103
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