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Afanas'ev, VV,Badylevich, M,Stesmans, A,Brammertz, G,Delabie, A,Sionke, S,O'Mahony, A,Povey, IM,Pemble, ME,O'Connor, E,Hurley, PK,Newcomb, SB;
Applied Physics Letters
Energy barriers at interfaces of (100)GaAs with atomic layer deposited Al2O3 and HfO2
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alumina atomic layer deposition charge injection gallium arsenide hafnium compounds high-k dielectric thin films III-V semiconductors oxidation photoconductivity photoemission semiconductor-insulator boundaries
Band alignment at the interfaces of (100)GaAs with Al2O3 and HfO2 grown using atomic layer deposition is determined using internal photoemission and photoconductivity measurements. Though the inferred conduction and valence band offsets for both insulators were found to be close to or larger than 2 eV, the interlayer grown by concomitant oxidation of GaAs reduces the barrier for electrons by approximately 1 eV. The latter may pose significant problems associated with electron injection from GaAs into the oxide.
ARTN 212104
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