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Monaghan, S,Cherkaoui, K,O'Connor, E,Djara, V,Hurley, PK,Oberbeck, L,Tois, E,Wilde, L,Teichert, S;
IEEE Electron Device Letters
TiN/ZrO2/Ti/Al Metal-Insulator-Metal Capacitors With Subnanometer CET Using ALD-Deposited ZrO2 for DRAM Applications
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ALD capacitor dynamic random access memory (DRAM) effective dielectric constant gate oxide high-k metal-insulator-metal (MIM) ZrD-04 ZrO2 MIM CAPACITORS
We provide the first report of the structural and electrical properties of TiN/ZrO2/Ti/Al metal-insulator-metal capacitor structures, where the ZrO2 thin film (7-8 nm) is deposited by ALD using the new zirconium precursor ZrD-04, also known as Bis(methylcyclopentadienyl) methoxymethyl. Measured capacitance-voltage (C-V) and current-voltage (I-V) characteristics are reported for premetallization rapid thermal annealing (RTP) in N-2 for 60 s at 400 degrees C, 500 degrees C, or 600 degrees C. For the RTP at 400 degrees C, we find very low leakage current densities on the order of nanoamperes per square centimeter at a gate voltage of I V and low capacitance equivalent thickness values of similar to 0.9 nm at a gate voltage of 0 V. The dielectric constant of ZrO2 is 31 +/- 2 after RTP treatment at 400 degrees C.
DOI 10.1109/LED.2008.2012356
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