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Osborne, S,O'Brien, S,O'Reilly, EP,Huggard, PG,Ellison, BN;
Electronic Letters
Generation of CW 0.5 THz radiation by photomixing the output of a two-colour 1.49 mu m Fabry-Perot diode laser
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A compact continuous-wave (CW) terahertz source is demonstrated using a single two-colour laser diode and a photomixer. The 350 mu m-long Fabry-Perot laser is constrained to oscillate on non-adjacent cavity modes, at a frequency separation of 485 GHz, by the introduction of features along its ridge waveguide. At a drive current of 155 mA, more than 10 mW of CW power is delivered into a standard singlemode fibre. This radiation drives a waveguide photomixer, which incorporates an InGaAsP photodiode, to emit about 20 nW at the 485 GHz beat frequency.
DOI 10.1049/el:20083534
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