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Browne, RG,Kelly, TC,Culloty, S,Davenport, J,Deeny, T;
Folia Zoologica
The schematic eye of the rook, Corvus frugilegus
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Corvus frugilegus optical design lens cornea pest VISUAL-FIELDS OPTICS BIRD
The rook (Corvus frugilegus) is widely distributed in the Western Palaearctic and is generally regarded as a pest species of agriculture and at airfields. In this study we describe a schematic eye model for the rook. Digital photographs of the intact enucleated eye gave the gross dimensions. The lens and the cornea of the rook's schematic eye were found to have an almost equal refractive power of Fl 59.53 D and Fc 62.63 D. The rook's schematic eye has an axial length of 14.50mm and a total power of F 108.86 D. The eye shape is similar to the 'flat' eye type. The calculated f-number(2) value of 3.63 indicates that the rook's eye is well adapted to high light levels and is not suitable for night vision.
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