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Davis, T., MacCarthy, IAJ, Allen, AR, Higgs, B.
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Late Pleistocene-Holocene Buried Valleys in the Cork Syncline, Ireland.
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The accompanying map and cross-sections outline the disposition of fluvioglacial deposits infilling two buried valleys, the Northern and Southern Buried Valleys, which occupy the margins of the E-W Cork Syncline in southwest Ireland. These buried valleys formed during the Pleistocene, probably in response to repeated lowstands in sea level which was in excess of about 130 m. Water well and site investigation borehole data, assembled from various sources, have been analysed and collated using a specialised geological package, Rockworks 2002. These data have been plotted on digitised base maps together with mapped bedrock exposures using AutoCAD. Combined with topographical analysis, an isopach map of the fluvioglacial deposits infilling the buried valleys, has been produced. This defines the courses of Pleistocene river systems which were responsible for the excavation of the valleys. Selected geophysical traverses have confirmed the existence of the buried valleys and their general courses. The Northern Buried Valley has been traced along its length for a distance of almost 60 km, whilst the Southern Buried Valley has been traced for about 35 km. The geophysical surveys suggest a complex bedrock topography and that the depth of these valleys exceeds 100 m in places. However, the absolute depths of the buried valleys cannot be determined with certainty at this stage.
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