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Smyth, F,Connolly, E,Mishra, AK,Ellis, AD,Cotter, D,Kaszubowska, A,Barty, LP;
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
Effects of crosstalk in WDM optical label switching networks due to wavelength switching of a tunable laser
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fast tunable laser optical label switching (OLS) optical packet switching (OPS) subcarrier multiplexed (SCM) label PERFORMANCE CONVERSION
Crosstalk caused by switching events in fast tunable lasers in an optical label switching (OLS) system is investigated for the first time. A wavelength-division-multiplexed OLS system based on subcarrier multiplexed labels is presented which employs a 40-Gb/s duobinary payload and a 155-Mb/s label on a 40-GHz subcarrier. Degradation in system performance as the transmitters switch between different channels is then characterized in terms of the frequency drift of the tunable laser.
DOI 10.1109/LPT.2006.883888
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