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Mortell, MP,Seymour, BR;
Mathematics and Mechanics of Solids
Finite-amplitude, shockless, resonant vibrations of an inhomogeneous elastic panel
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resonant nonlinear oscillations finite inhomogeneity shockless motion DISCONTINUOUS SOLUTIONS FUNCTIONAL-EQUATION CLOSED TUBE OSCILLATIONS WAVES MEDIA
An inhomogeneous, nonlinear elastic panel, fixed at one end, is subject to a resonant harmonic forcing at the other. The vibrations in an equivalent homogeneous panel would contain shocks. We exhibit a class of finite inhomogeneities that produces a panel response that is harmonic but does not contain shocks. The finite-strength inhomogeneity is capable of inhibiting the nonlinear distortion sufficiently to prevent shocks from forming. This is not the case for a "slow" inhomogeneity that can be described using a geometrical acoustics approximation.
DOI 10.1177/1081286505036411
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