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Harrington, M,Bennett, T,Jakobsen, J,Ovesen, L,Brot, C,Flynn, A,Cashman, KD;
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Effect of a high-protein, high-salt diet on calcium and bone metabolism in postmenopausal women stratified by hormone replacement therapy use
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sodium protein bone metabolism HRT postmenopausal women SODIUM INTAKE EXCRETION RESORPTION ABSORPTION ESTROGEN
The objective of this study was to investigate the influence of a high-sodium, high-protein diet on bone metabolism in postmenopausal women ( aged 49 - 60 y) stratified by hormone replacement therapy (HRT) use. In a crossover trial, 18 women (n = 8 HRT users (+HRT) and n = 10 nonusers (-HRT)) were randomly assigned to a diet high in protein ( 90 g/day) and sodium (180 mmol/day) ( calciuric diet) or a diet moderate in protein ( 70 g/day) and low in sodium ( 65 mmol/day) for 4 weeks followed by crossover to alternative dietary regimen for a further 4 weeks. The calciuric diet significantly (P<0.05) increased urinary sodium, calcium and nitrogen in both groups. While the calciuric diet increased urinary N-telopeptide crosslinks of collagen ( by &SIM;25%, P = 0.003) in the - HRT group, it had no effect in the +HRT group. It appears that postmenopausal HRT use attenuates the increase in a marker of bone resorption associated with a calciuric diet.
DOI 10.1038/sj.ejcn.1601983
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