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Cronin, K,Fitzpatrick, J,McCarthy, D;
Journal of Food Engineering
Packaging strategies to counteract weight variability in extruded food products
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food extrusion packaging legislation weight control
The effect of non-uniformity in the weights of an extruded food product on the efficiency of the subsequent packaging operation is analysed. The focus is on reducing the over-weights of the packs by better control over dispersion in product weight. Samples from an industrially extruded food product are analysed for variation in dimensional parameters and density. Variability in the product width dimension is shown to be the most significant source of weight variability. The control required over product width to obtain acceptable levels of pack over-weight is quantified. It is not practically possible to eliminate product weight variability. Hence alternative packing strategies that may be more successful in reducing the amount of product over-weight are examined. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.
PII S0260-8774(02)00161-9
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