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Linehan, M,Walsh, JS;
Rna-A Publication of The Rna Society
Key issues in the senior female international career move: A qualitative study in a European context
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Research investigating the position of women in management has, largely, been confined within national boundaries. Over the last 15 Sears, empirical studies of women in international management have been undertaken, predominantly in North America. Overall, however in this research field, many questions remain unanswered or have been only partially addressed. The particular focus of this study is on the senior female international managerial career move in Europe - a relatively unexplored area, Fifty senior female expatriate managers were interviewed, representing a wide range of industry and service sectors. The aims of the study were to develop an understanding of the senior female international career move in a European context in order to more fully understand both the covert and overt barriers that may limit women's international career opportunities. The results of the study show that the senior international career move has largely been developed along a Linear male model of career progression, a development which, taken together with gender disparity both in organizations and family responsibilities, frequently prevents women employees from reaching senior managerial positions. The findings suggest that organizations which adopt a proactive approach to female expatriate managers should have a competitive advantage in the international environment.
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