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O'Sullivan, MM,Lorenzen, PC,O'Connell, JE,Kelly, AL,Schlimme, E,Fox, PF;
Journal of Dairy Science
Short communication: Influence of transglutaminase on the heat stability of milk
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transglutaminase heat stability milk CROSS-LINKING SUBSTRATE PROTEINS
Skim milk powders were prepared from control and transglutaminase-treated skimmed milk. The heat stability of reconstituted transglutaminase-treated skimmed milk (9.0% total solids) was markedly increased in the pH region of minimum stability (pH 6.8 to 7.1) compared with control milk, while the heat stability of reconstituted concentrated transglutaminase-treated skimmed milk (22.5% total solids) increased progressively as a function of pH relative to control milk. The effect of transglutaminase treatment on the heat stability of skimmed milk may have commercial applications, but extensive research is necessary to gain a better understanding of the mechanism by which transglutaminase improves heat stability.
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