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Liby, BW,Statman, D,McInerney, JG;
Optical Engineering
Linewidth instability in a semiconductor laser due to feedback from a ring passive phase-conjugate mirror
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phase conjugation semiconductor laser feedback nonlinear optics DIODE-LASER COHERENCE COLLAPSE OPTICAL FEEDBACK MODE-LOCKING BATIO3 CHAOS
The effect of low power, photorefractive phase-conjugate feedback on the spectrum of a semiconductor laser is considered. Relaxation oscillations are observed at 4.2 GHz on either side of the fundamental lasing mode. Unstable external cavity mode features appear underneath the envelope of the relaxation oscillations. A further increase in feedback results in dramatic linewidth broadening. The experimental results are found to be similar to the effects observed with conventional reflectors and they closely agree with recent theoretical predictions. (C) 1999 Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers. [S0091-3286(99)00704-7].
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