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Adams, C., Morris-Quinn, M., McConnell, F., West, J., Lucey, B.,Shortt, C., Cryan, B., Watson, J.B.G., and O'Gara, F.;
Journal of Infection
Epidemiology and clinical impact of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in cystic fibrosis using AP-PCR fingerprinting.
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Arbitrarily primed PCR (AP-PCR) was utilized to genetically fingerprint 252 Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from the sputa of 50 cystic fibrosis (CF) patients attending the Cork CF clinic over a period of 3 years. Ten distinct P. aeruginosa strains were identified and the distribution, temporal trends and clinical impact of colonization with these individual P. aeruginosa clones was studied. A number of random isolates from each AP-PCR group were analysed using pulsed field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) in order to confirm the discriminatory power of the AP-PCR technique.The majority of patients were colonized with a single strain over the time period of the study, but it was also possible to harbour two or more strains transiently or simultaneously. Four main strains were relatively evenly distributed throughout the CF population, and it was noted that patients from the same family or attending the same school tended to harbour the same P. aeruginosa clone.Disease severity was significantly associated with the age of the patient (P<0.001), clearly indicating an increase in severity with increase in age. The general clinical status of the CF patients was not significantly associated with the P. aeruginosa variant isolated from their sputa. Lung status was defined by FEV1 measurement and chest X-ray score (CXR). The non parametric Kruskal-Wallis significance test of FEV1, CXR and age by colonizing P. aeruginosa clone indicated that FEV1 (P=0.017), but not CXR (P=0.19) or age (P=0.842), differed significantly across the clones of P. aeruginosa isolated. Patients harbouring P. aeruginosa strains B, F or G clearly had lower FEV1 scores while those harbouring clones A, C, D or H generally had higher FEV1 scores. Thus, the sub-species variant of P. aeruginosa colonizing CF patients may be associated with the severity of progressive lung disease.
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