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Coughlan, JP,Imsland, AK,Galvin, PT,Fitzgerald, RD,Naevdal, G,Cross, TF;
Journal of Fish Biology
Microsatellite DNA variation in wild populations and farmed strains of turbot from Ireland and Norway: a preliminary study
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microsatellite DNA wild populations farmed strains genetic variability turbot Scophthalmus maximus SCOPHTHALMUS-MAXIMUS GENETIC-VARIABILITY ATLANTIC SALMON GROWTH TROUT BRILL
Turbot Scophthalmus maximus is the focus of a rapidly expanding aquaculture industry, while at the same time wild catches appear to be in decline. As a preliminary investigation into the effects of hatchery rearing, genetic variation at three polymorphic microsatellite loci was assessed in two wild populations and two farmed strains of turbot, from Ireland and Norway. Although a considerable loss of rare alleles was observed in the Irish farmed strain, no statistically significant reductions were found in mean heterozygosity or allelic diversity in farmed strains compared to wild populations. Significant genetic heterogeneity was found between wild and farmed samples from each country but not between the two wild populations. Genetic differentiation between the farmed strains was presumed to be caused by drift in the hatcheries. The utility of these particular microsatellite loci in comparing these samples and the importance of molecular genetic testing of farmed strains is stressed. (C) 1998 The Fisheries Society of the British Isles.
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