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English JA;Scaife C;Harauma A;Focking M;Wynne K;Cagney G;Moriguchi T;Cotter DR;
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Dataset of mouse hippocampus profiled by LC-MS/MS for label-free quantitation.
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This dataset reports on the analysis of mouse hippocampus by LC-MS/MS, from mice fed a diet that was either deficient in n-3 FA (n-3 Def) or sufficient in n-3 FA (n-3 Adq). Label free quantitative (LFQ) analysis of the mass spectrometry data identified 1008 quantifiable proteins, 115 of which were found to be differentially expressed between the two dietary groups (n=8 per group). This data article refers to the research article "Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency disrupts endocytosis, neuritogenesis, and mitochondrial protein pathways in the mouse hippocampus" (English et al., 2013 [1]), in which a more comprehensive interpretation and analysis of the data is given.
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