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Holloway, P., and Miller, J.A.
A novel modelling technique to incorporate regular movement into species distribution models.
Columbus, OH
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This project consists of two areas of research which when combined offer a unique perspective into species movement and how it interacts with the environment. We have developed SSF_Resources, an agent based model which combines step-selection function (SSF) movement and dynamic resources to provide a measure of sustainability of suitable habitats, with the aim for this model to be integrated into a species distribution model (SDM) output in order to address the longstanding issue of how to incorporate fine scale movements into an SDM framework. SSF were used to study the movement patterns of oilbirds in Venezuela based on four land cover types for six two hour periods of a day. A biased correlated random walk (BCRW) model, which selected the next movement step based on the SSF coefficients of the four land cover classes, was developed in NetLogo. This is the first time this type of movement has been simulated in an agent based model, and subsequently allows the movement path to be overlain onto a dynamic landscape. The dynamic landscape contains resource values which deplete as an individual moves over the landscape, meaning a measure of sustainability can be generated by using this method. This measure of sustainability developed by SSF_Resources allows the integration with an oilbird SDM presence / absence output. Every presence grid in this SDM distribution map was input into SSF_Resources to ascertain the sustainability of the area based on depleting resources. The amount of resources used within each grid resulting from SSF_Resources was significantly different to the amount remaining after using a random walk model overlaid on the same 171 presence grids [p = 0.0000], with substantial differences observed in resource depletion between the two movement models for grid cells labeled ‘unsustainable’ by SSF_Resources. The integration of daily movements and SDM is unique and this paper highlights the first attempt to incorporate this fine scale movement into SDM research.