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Holloway, P.
Individual-Based Modelling of Speciesí Dynamic Resource Use.
Leeds, UK
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Understanding the current and future distribution of species is a critical facet of biodiversity conservation, and species distribution models (SDMs) are a powerful framework for achieving this, applying a correlative approach between distributional observations and a set of geospatial environmental predictors. Despite the vast potential of SDMs to address an array of conceptual and methodological challenges, they can be greatly improved by incorporating metrics that are developed based on spatial simulation. In this research, an individual-based model was used to simulate the dynamic relationship between movement and biotic resources (e.g. food sources) for oilbirds in Venezuela, in order to generate a new environmental variable for use in model calibration. This environmental layer represented the sustainability of a neighbourhood, based on connectivity, accessibility, and viability of biotic resources, and this dynamic variable greatly improved the accuracy and ecological realism of the SDM projection compared to other commonly applied SDM scenarios. Furthermore, this research advanced recent studies that have attempted to develop simulations based on quantitative analysis of real movement observations.