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Research Report
Niall P. Dunphy, Breffní Lennon, Esti Sanvicente, Suzi Tart, Daniele Kielmanoicz, John E. Morrissey
Innovative Business Models to Foster Transition
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Energy transition; Business models
This deliverable forwards concepts of novel business models which will contribute to the fostering of the energy transition through addressing specific social, market and other barriers. The objective being to facilitate stakeholders (whether suppliers or consumers of energy) to shape and progressively interact with the energy system to effectively deliver a low-carbon system. The examples of (more) sustainable business models forwarded in this report will in particular, but not entirely focus on community- based approaches (complementing the work presented in Lennon, Dunphy et al., 2018) and public-private partnerships as a means of addressing issues such as public acceptance, split incentives, risk sharing, etc.
ENTRUST H2020 project
Niall Dunphy
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Horizon 2020
Grant agreement No 657998