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François Aze, Soraya Molinero, Suzi Tart, Esti Sanvicente, Niall P. Dunphy, Breffní Lennon, Alexandra Revez, John E. Morrissey, Stephen Axon, Jayne Woolford
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Deliverable 4.5 of the ENTRUST H2020 Project
The ENTRUST policy toolkit is designed for policymakers and practitioners whose work ultimately seeks to engage people and influence their behaviour, resulting in improved outcomes. It presents a set of policy recommendations formulated via workshops with both ENTRUST partners and community members. These policy recommendations are aimed at reducing the environmental impact from energy consumption. The toolkit covers both the supply and demand sides of the energy sector, focusing on three energy-intensive sectors: Transport, Buildings, and Local Energy Production. Within these sectors, eight key objectives are defined. These were identified with the collaboration of local community stakeholders. Increasing the purchase and use of electronic vehicles Increasing the practice of car sharing Encouraging automobile commuters to car pool Encouraging use of public transport Reducing electricity usage through smart technologies Initiating thermal refurbishments Promoting subscription to green energy suppliers Enabling green energy self-consumption
ENTRUST H2020 Project
Niall Dunphy
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Horizon 2020
Grant Agreement Number 657998