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Mathieu Salel, Eva Boo, Breffní Lennon, Christine Gaffney, Alexandra Revez, Niall P. Dunphy, Stephen Axon, Rosita Aiesha, Josep Otal, Orsetta Chinchinato, Tiziana Melchiorre, Valeria Costantini
Review of market-driven approaches in sustainable energy policies.
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This task focused on the impact of the energy market on behavioural change, by reviewing market-driven approaches in supporting sustainable energy policies. D4.3 provides a quantitative analysis on the use of market-based instruments (MBIs) in six EU countries (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy and Spain) with specific attention on differences between their strategic orientations. It also highlights particularly successful uses of MBIs and identifies the best practises to be replicated in the future applications of similar instruments for various areas of application: energy efficiency in buildings, low-emission vehicles, energy production from renewable sources and greenhouse gas reduction.
ENTRUST H2020 project
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Horizon 2020
Grant Agreement No 657998