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Mandatory Fields
Chris Williams
2011 November
Robert Owen and His Legacy
Robert Owen and Wales
University of Wales Press
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Robert Owen has a strong claim to be Wales's greatest radical thinker. Yet it has been a fairly convential respose by most writers on Owen to marginalise the revelance of Wales. The chapter will first consider Owen's relationship with Wales in his own lifetime, drawing as approparite on the insights of Donnachie and Powell and on work by Jane Moore. Secondly it will trace the limited impact of Owenism on Wales in the form of the two Ownite communites establihsed in Merionethshre and Carmarthenshire in the 1840s and 1850s. Finally, Wales's relationship with Owen as it has evolved in the centure and a half since his death will be evaluated.
Noel Thompson and Chris Williams
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