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Mandatory Fields
Chris Williams
2013 June
The Gwent County History: Volume 5 The Twentieth Century
Who talks of my nation?
University of Wales Press
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A chapter in the firth and final volume in the county history of Gwen/Monmouthshire. The chapter continues the story of the sovereignty rights of Monmouthshire beyond 1914 through to the formal resolution of the 'question of Monmouthshire' by the Local Government Act 1972 It gives a broader evaluation of the relationship between the people of the county and the competing natonal affilations they were offered. It attempts to read such 'identity politics' through a mosaic of evidence shedding light on a wide variety of what may be imperfectly considered to be surrogate forms of behaviour. In the absence of any opinion polls, plebiscites or referenda that might have asked the question more directly, such an eclectic approach is the only way forward.
Chris Williams and Andy Croll
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